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Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis

Little Rock, AZ - United States

My name is Stephanie Lewis I have been a active person in photography, and creative process. Photography is my full passion, and I aim to please clients, and just others who enjoy to view my work.

Art was always a passion of mine, but became more so when I found it to be helpful toward my child. In 2009 I had a child with special needs. He is partly deaf multiple heart surgeries, and struggles. I found the only way to teach him was to be creative so now I make him a part of my creative process, by getting him involved.

I'll be doing constant updates on here, and to start will be my landscape, and wild life photography. If you have suggestions or something you might like to see send a suggestion or let me know what you would want to see me post. I love to hear from fans, and this is not about the money, as much as it is the art, and sharing with others.

If you would like to see other work visit my site

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